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Tangy, Easy & Perfect Bundt Cake

This wonderful bundt cake recipe is my all-time favorite! It is easy and fun to put together, bakes up amazingly well and pops out of the bundt pan with ease.


Tangy and delicious, like no other cake you've tasted. It is a cake but it's also a super perfect confection that is more like a gourmet pastry and can be used for many different and elegant desserts!

Light, Moist & Delicious!


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21 mag
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Your recipe is different, but I thought that because it seemed so easy I'd give it a try. This recipe made a really good cake. I baked it in a regular cake pan and it baked up very delicious and with a top that was perfectly flat. The next time I make this cake I'm going to add 1/4 cup of unsweetened powdered chocolate and see how it does as a chocolate cake.

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14 feb 2023
Valutazione 5 stelle su 5.

It came out perfect. Thank you so much-

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