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Classic Gift Quality Linzer Cookies

This delicious and beloved cookie recipe is very simple to put together and creates an amazingly beautiful and yummy holiday treat. Create your own holiday memories with this easy and fun recipe.


Tender buttery delicious and beautiful cookies are my most delightful childhood Christmas memories. Growing up, the holidays just wouldn't be the same without my mother's classic Linzer cookies.

They were always perfect and way too pretty to eat, but eat them we did. And almost always she'd fill them with the most delicious chocolate ganache. Hands-down, her dark chocolate ganache with a few drops of tangy raspberry directly in the center, was my most favorite filling.

Her method was to assemble the cookie with her chocolate ganache and as she'd set each one on the plate, she'd drop a tiny bit of deep tangy raspberry jam directly in the center hole. I can still remember guests commenting on the unexpected yummy ganache that was hidden beneath that bright red raspberry. It was unexpected and so delicious.

Sweet & Delicious!


Chef's Notes,

The perfect amount of salt is one of the most important parts of a good cookie. The richness from the butter needs a salty hit to amplify the flavour.

I like to scatter demerara sugar and a pinch of sea salt flakes on mine as they go into the oven. If I am making a large batch for a gift, I will roll the dough and chill for an hour before cutting into cookies. Some cookie recipes call for rice flour in order to achieve an extra crisp texture, but in my opinion, it is not essential. Rice flour does add a light crispness, but the cookie also loses some of the tenderness. My advise is to skip the rice flour. And for the very best results, simply go with the tried and true ingredients.

bon appetit


Perfect Cookies Every Time!



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