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Glazed Fruit & Custard Tart

Be the star of your next get-together with this potluck beauty. A tart that's elegant and easy to put together, makes this gourmet goodie a 5-star treat.


All you'll need is simple shortbread, apricot jelly, your choice of fresh fruit, and vanilla custard. Just these few and easy ingredients will make this memorable dessert seem like a million bucks! And best of all, the shortbread and the custard can be made several days in advance. Pull this baby out at your next gathering and we promise... they'll be impressed!

Sweet & Delicious!


Chef's Notes,

The perfect amount of salt is one of the most important parts of a shortbread. The richness from the butter needs a salty hit to amplify the flavour.

When making a pastry tart, roll the dough and chill for an hour before placing it in the tart pan. Some shortbread recipes call for rice flour to achieve an extra crisp texture, but in my opinion, it is not essential. Rice flour does add a light crispness, but the tart crust also loses some of its tenderness. My advise is "skip the rice flour," and for the very best results, simply go with the tried and true ingredients.

bon appetit


Perfect Fruit Tart Every Time!



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