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Roasted Chicken & Potatoes

Learn the easy method that all professionally trained chefs use to turn an ordinary roasted meat recipe into a fabulous, fragrant gourmet delight!


Whether it's a simple gravy or a complicated gourmet experiment,

it all begins with an expertly crafted gravy.


Top notch chefs call it the French roux, and it's how they quickly and easily turn an ordinary meat dish into a fabulous gourmet delight!

In This Recipe You Will Discover How to Bring Ordinary Gravy Based Dishes From Good to Fantastic!

Meat recipes smothered in delicious soupy gravies, if done correctly, all begin with the humble little French roux.


All chefs begin many of their extravagantly saucy dishes with gravy. And an expertly crafted gravy is a thickened sauce made with the pan drippings from roasted meat or (when pan drippings are not available) from a good quality stock or meat broth.

The thickener in this recipe is a traditional French Roux, the same professional technique that is a standard in almost all gourmet sauces and soups.

It is how cream bases and gravies acquire an extra depth of flavor and how they become a far more durable sauce, staying together without the usual separating of fats and liquids.

It is an easy to learn, technique that will transform a good (but ordinary) recipe into an amazing meat dish smothered in 'ooo la la' fabulous French sauces. And it's also the base for all those impressively creamy soups that taste and feel deliciously complicated.



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