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Easy Air Fryer Crab Rangoons

Just imagine eating 'almost guilt-free' crab rangoons. Crab rangoons that are outrageously delicious and not deep fried..., could it be? And the answer is... Yes! This recipe is fun and easy to follow.


Follow the directions step-by-step and almost like magic, you'll have a yummy plate of these little pillows-of-joy to enjoy and to share!


Chef's Note

I love crab rangoons and this recipe is spot-on. The secret to delicious air frying is the oil. Even when air frying a little oil is necessary to create the magic, but only a very light coating will do the trick. It may sound foolish to avoid frying in oil but then brush oil on the food to air fry, but there is a huge difference between dunking something in scalding hot oil and lightly coating a healthier oil over the surface before putting it in the air fryer. Trust me, that light coating of oil makes all the difference. These crab rangoons taste just like the deep fried treats that we all love, but the difference between the 2 types, deep fried or air fried, is a huge difference when it comes to our health. So, enjoy this recipe in good health!

bon appetit


Amazing Crab Rangoons!


Easy Air-Fryer Crab Rangoons

Enjoy the savory delicious-ness of one of lifes most yummy pleasures.

Just-about everyone's favorite Chinese restaurant treat is Crab Rangoons,

and now we can enjoy them without any of the naughty frying.

For years I refused to indulge, but now, minus the frying,

crab rangoons are back on the menu ! ! !



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