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Super Easy No Bake Key Lime Pie

This super delicious on-the-fly dessert, tastes anything but quick and easy. When pressed for time, I've thrown this recipe together the night before, and the next day, brought it with me to a pot luck. And trust me, it was a crowd favorite. But just between you and me, I'd wait to get to my destination before dressing it up with the whipped topping and lime slices.


Regarding the whipped topping, I've gone with 2 methods that have worked well for me. The first and the easiest is to decorate it with Reddi-wip dairy whipped topping just before setting it on the table. Bring the pie and the Reddi-wip, separately, to the gathering. It makes traveling so much easier. Trust me on this one.

The second method that also works well is to create a pastry bag with a large star tip and fill it with the topping cream of your choice, even icing works well. And once you arrive at the gathering, pop out your pastry bag and dress your dessert as pictured. The second method has worked best for me and is the prettiest also, but requires a bit more effort.

Either way, this dessert is a super-star at any pot luck. Trust me, your offering will be the first to go... Regardless of how you decorate your key lime pie, you'll receive raves from everyone who is lucky enough to snag a piece. This recipe is definitely worth trying. Trust me... it's a keeper

Super Easy & Delicious!



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