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Easy Classic Peach Cobbler

A Classic Peach Cobbler that almost everyone has tried at least once. There is truly nothing as wonderful as a scoop of vanilla ice cream atop a heavenly, fresh from the oven, peach cobbler!


This is an outstanding family dessert that even the kids can easily put together in 5 or 10 minutes. I remember how exciting it was when my mother baked this beloved and yummy dessert. Sweet peaches nestled in deliciously warm wet cake, easy and delicious!


Chef's Note

Add the egg or leave it out, either way this dessert always turns out perfect. Enjoy a trip down memory lane as you go step-by-step through this simple recipe and bake-up a peach cobbler that everyone will love.

When hosting, I can spend an entire afternoon preparing a complicated gourmet feast and it sure is fantastic to be able to wrap it up with a dessert that is equally as delicious, but still, ridiculously easy to prepare. And for me, that is this dessert, good enough to serve with a fine meal but very easy to bake-up when I'm exhausted!

This is a dessert that everyone should keep on the top of their, "in-a-pinch & just-because," list of best-of-the-best easy and yummy desserts.

bon appetit


It's just too easy to be so delicious!


Classic Peach Cobbler

Gather up the family and go step-by-step to enjoy sweet peaches nestled in deliciously warm wet cake. There truly is nothing else so wonderful!



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