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Classic French Crêpes

Crêpes are an easy and super delicious treat that's great anytime. Day or night, whether busy or enjoying a leisurely afternoon, sweet or savory crêpes hit-the-spot for fun and yummy-ness.


These beloved and much celebrated crêpes are always a winner because they're easy to create, versatile and, "Ooh La La," so satisfying. And best of all, believe it or not, crêpes are very easy to make. Just follow the directions in this recipe and you'll be swimming in 'crêpe heaven' in no time.


Chef's Note

It is extremely important that all ingredients reach room temperature or at least are all the same temperature before beginning. Variations in temperature may inhibit the ingredients from combining well together. And having a batter that is smooth, homogeneous, and well hydrated is the foundation necessary to create wonderful crepes.

According to preference, this flour mixture can also be sifted, as desired, but whisking vigorously combines and aerates well enough.

bon appetit


Classic French Crêpes!


Classic French Crêpes

Guests always swoop down on the parfaits first.

Parfaits are always the number one dessert to go first

on the dessert buffet when I am hosting a gathering.



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