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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

Carrot cake is by far my family's most favorite treat, which is how this recipe began. Rather than bake up an entire carrot cake, I've opted to satisfy our carrot cake obsession with cupcakes instead. And this recipe is for two dozen super delicious cupcakes, some for enjoying now and some for wrapping up and freezing for later on, with or without the cream cheese icing.


Admittedly, the frosting is yummy and adds an irresistable punch to the overall confection. But the carrot cake alone is moist and tasty and can hold its own, trust me. So, if carrot cake is your thing, I'd say it's time to get out your cupcake baking pans and whip up some mini desserts for the carrot cake lovers in your house. Simple and delicious carrot cupcakes, always a winner!

Easy, Sweet & Delicious!


Chef's Note

I recommend that you do not use pre-shredded carrots. Only use freshly grated carrots in all your carrot cake recipes. Freshly grated carrots are super moist and integrate well with the other ingredients. A moist thick creamy batter with lots of super moist carrot is what we need to produce a deliciously thick and moist carrot cake. The pre-shredded carrots are just not moist enough to give us what a great carrot cake needs. So, to get the very best results, always begin with the freshest, grated carrot possible.

bon appetit


Freshly grated carrots make the very best carrot cake cupcakes!



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