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Light & Easy Egg-Yolk Custard

Sweet, light Egg Custard has so many uses when paired with other fabulous desserts. Take a few minutes and learn to make this easy and wonderful egg-yolk custard and you'll be glad you did!


Once you get the hang of how easy egg custard can be to create, you'll be adding it to just-about every recipe from a simple vanilla cake to a dozen fancy tart shells.


Chefs Note

For this recipe, I've listed every step, illustrating minute-to-minute exactly what to do when creating this egg-yolk custard. Perhaps once you get the hang-of-it you'll come up with your own minute-to-minute steps, but until then, go according to the recipe and, even as a beginner, you'll win the battle for perfect, creamy egg custard every time. Enjoy and have fun with it!

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Sweet & Delicious



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